Sunday, July 20, 2008

Empowering Students for Global Competition

As I watch the WEB CAST of Alan November's NECC presentation held in San Antonio, Texas, June 28, 2008, I became very enlightened and overwhelmed with sadness at the same time because of the fact in which I could relate, as a Technology Applications Instructor, to the statement in which he said that, "Americans are using IM informally while Europeans and Asians are using IM formally". I have experience instructing students in a computer lab in which all of the blog sites, IM's, etc. were blocked. I realized how important it is to have students educated in all positive aspects of technology applications in order for them to be highly competitive in today's global society. Unfortunately, we as Americans only look at how we can protect our students collaboratively instead of collaborating with the students to allow them to be more aware of how important it is to use the Internet grammar and syntax to be globally competitive.


lcweber08 said...

This is very important because every American student should know the correct usage of the internet. The majority of students know how to surf the net however, they do not know the grammar nor the syntax to contribute more effective during there searches.

Diane Dotson said...

As a parent I can understand that our nation is trying to protect children from harm, but at the same time, I feel that children should have access to available technology tools.

--Kay said...


You picked up on a very important part of Alan's presentation.

Your focus was on target.


Dr. A.