Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Principles for Non-Designers

When I read this Chapter, I realized that I was actually designing a web site and I actually had a panic attack. I thought of all of the things I had read thus far like who was my server and what domain name I had used. I realized that to actually design a web page, you did not necessary need these functions. They would come into play once a designer wanted to actually publish and have their site placed onto the WWW. Once I calmed down, I began to look at my alignments within my web pages to see if they were visibly pleasing in connection with everything else on the page. The proximity came into play once certain elements were group according by there text and placed in correlation with the graphics in which I used. I used repetitive elements from page to page in order to align my web site as a well designed book. I used a basic flat color scheme in order not to appeal too flamboyant and overly textured. I am actually having fun even though it is somewhat tedious.

Print vs. Web

There are a lot of individuals who do not know that web publishing is very inexpensive, as a matter of fact, it can be very affordable and economical for the long term investment than that of printing. With this being brought to light, the low cost of web publishing can give you freedom to design your very own web pages in a more effective manner. You can change color(s), make revisions, updates, and implement archives for business and personal usage.
Web publishing advantages are evident for people in rural communities with unlimited potentials such as having their web sites uploaded, where anyone in the world can see them, from their home or office. However, printing has its advantages also besides being faster and cheaper to read. Print is more portable, familiar, WYSIWYG, and overall, you can read print while taking a bath.

Things To Do Before Beginning a Web Site

Before beginning a WEB SITE, you need to purchase web authoring software package and do not forget to read the directions. Take some time to think about what you want your site to relate to your audience. Now, you need to establish a relationship with a provider who will host the site once you are finished. You can also register your own domain name.

  • Start organizing:
  1. Make a tangible folder(manila) to store all hard copy's such as outlines and storyboards

  2. Make a folder on the computer to store things to be used in the web site

  3. Make a separate web site folder to store the web site only

  4. Have fun, do not Panic...

Making Web Pages

In Chapter 3, I actually made a web page which was included in a web site. I was really trilled and I amazed myself to see how fun it was and even though some of the formatting was within the actual application in which I was using, I found designing very self satisfying. To make web pages not having to use code, requires a web authoring software package and there are several out there. I used Dreamweaver CS3. Remember to always make a folder in order to store and save all of the criteria you will use in your web designing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Empowering Students for Global Competition

As I watch the WEB CAST of Alan November's NECC presentation held in San Antonio, Texas, June 28, 2008, I became very enlightened and overwhelmed with sadness at the same time because of the fact in which I could relate, as a Technology Applications Instructor, to the statement in which he said that, "Americans are using IM informally while Europeans and Asians are using IM formally". I have experience instructing students in a computer lab in which all of the blog sites, IM's, etc. were blocked. I realized how important it is to have students educated in all positive aspects of technology applications in order for them to be highly competitive in today's global society. Unfortunately, we as Americans only look at how we can protect our students collaboratively instead of collaborating with the students to allow them to be more aware of how important it is to use the Internet grammar and syntax to be globally competitive.