Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Principles for Non-Designers

When I read this Chapter, I realized that I was actually designing a web site and I actually had a panic attack. I thought of all of the things I had read thus far like who was my server and what domain name I had used. I realized that to actually design a web page, you did not necessary need these functions. They would come into play once a designer wanted to actually publish and have their site placed onto the WWW. Once I calmed down, I began to look at my alignments within my web pages to see if they were visibly pleasing in connection with everything else on the page. The proximity came into play once certain elements were group according by there text and placed in correlation with the graphics in which I used. I used repetitive elements from page to page in order to align my web site as a well designed book. I used a basic flat color scheme in order not to appeal too flamboyant and overly textured. I am actually having fun even though it is somewhat tedious.

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